Celebrating 30 Years as Piermont's Premier Gallery

Spring Fling

May 5th through May 29th, 2022

A captivating collection of art work that reflects this season's energy, colors and optimism!

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Kate Buggeln

Drawn to landscapes, Kate captures the urban and natural mash-up that make her hometown of Piermont, New York a remarkable place. Industry and wilderness have long intersected in the tidal valley created by Sparkill Creek, creating camera ready moments of chaos, grace, beauty and grit – sometimes captured all in one frame.

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Serban Chelariu

I use the basic visual language elements of shape, tone, texture, color and form, trying to express compositionally different qualities. It is important for me to establish an interrelationship with my work, since most of the time, the brush, touching the canvas, will lead me to solutions that hardly would have crossed my mind.

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Mitch Rosen

Mitch's inspiration for his art comes from the streets of New York City. "My objective is to capture a precise moment in time that creates an emotional tie with the viewer". As a retired NYNJ Port Authority police officer, Mitch brings decades of real world experience to his art. He is one of the select artists featured in New York's 911 museum.

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Tony Seker

As a young refugee of the Lebanese civil war, sequestered in a hotel room with my brothers, I searched for answers amidst the despair. I found hope yearning within me by painting plastic model airplanes using bright non-representational colors. Through my art, I began to express my anti-war sentiment and call for global unity.

We welcome all of our loyal patrons and new visitors to the gallery. The safety and health of our guests is most important to us as an artistic community.
That's why we maintain social distancing and best practices as set forth by the CDC and the New York State Health Department at all of our exhibits.
As we welcome you to the gallery, we know that you will respect those guidelines.

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"We want people to sense something special when they enter our gallery." -- Jeanne Treat-Tozer
In 1992, Piermont's first artist-run gallery opened its doors to the public. Twenty-four artists joined forces to create a cooperative gallery dedicated to exhibiting the finest work of artists living and working within the New York tri-state area.

In 1992, Piermont was still a relatively quiet community enjoying its lovely Hudson River setting. Today the village bustles with visitors from far and wide. The Flywheel Gallery is no longer the only co-op gallery. There is another one next door, as well as many commercial galleries. 

The Flywheel, however, can boast of being there in the beginning. Back in 1992 when this dedicated group of artists got together to create an elegant, functional and friendly artist-run space, Jeanne Treat-Tozer, a painter and one of the gallery's founders, explained at the time, "We want people to sense something special when they enter our gallery. We want them to feel comfortable and confident when selecting works."

Among the more notable members of the gallery was Alan Gussow, whose untimely death in May of 1997 was a shock to the arts community world-wide.

Flywheel Gallery artists work in a wide range of mediums. Each has earned an enviable reputation in his or her field.  Their work is varied but they share the common goal of providing the gallery visitor with the best art experience possible.

What's a Flywheel?

The Piermont flywheel was once part of a steam driven generator that furnished power for the first manufacturing facility in Piermont more than a century ago. The Flywheel was used by companies located in the village during Piermont's industrial hay-day. Companies like the Piermont Paper Company (pictured above left), Robert Gair Company (pictured above, right), Continental Can Company and Federal Paperboard/Clevepack, all depended upon the Flywheel for their life-blood of power.

In 1983 the last manufacturer shut their doors and the Flywheel began deteriorating. The same year the Piermont Flywheel Gallery opened, February 1992, a five-month project restored the Flywheel. Truth be told, developers tried to knock it down, but it was too strong for the wrecking ball.  It was sandblasted, the metal was coated and the Flywheel was turned into a free-standing "sculpture". The Historical Society of Rockland County maintains it, "...pays constant tribute to Piermont’s industrial heritage.‭” The flywheel is located just opposite the north gallery in a park overlooking the Hudson River.

For more information about the Flywheel please visit the Piermont Historical Society.

Artist Inquiries

The Piermont Flywheel Gallery is located in picturesque Piermont Landing in Rockland County, New York on the banks of Hudson River. We think it's the perfect location to carry on the artistic tradition of the Hudson Valley art community.

Our exhibitions are exclusively the works of the members of the Piermont Flywheel Gallery. Each carefully planned and brilliantly executed exhibition shows the artistic competence and outstanding talent of our members. We embrace and encourage diverse styles of art like the ones shown here. And we are always looking for new members.

Member Benefits:

  • During the exhibition cycle, you get a 4-week exhibition in the north gallery with other featured artists.

  • Your exhibition team has total responsibility for staffing and for running the gallery during your featured exhibition.

  • You have ongoing participation in revolving group exhibitions in the south gallery, ensuring that your work is continuously being marketed and shown to the public.

  • You participate in our special all-member exhibition that uses the entire gallery during the exhibition cycle.

  • Your biography and other personal publicity material is available at our desk so guests can not only view your work in the gallery but also find out about you as an artist.

  • Your notebook may include your resume, your press releases, and other examples of your artwork to familiarize interested collectors, private dealers, and the public with your credentials and artwork.

  • You get continuous display of your work and biographical information here on our gallery website and social media outlets of all of our members.

  • You can take advantage of the Piermont Flywheel Gallery's expanding advertising program that informs the public about our exhibitions through social media, special programs, announcements, and printed materials.

Member Responsibilities:

  • Attendance at regularly scheduled meetings.

  • Delivery of artwork to group exhibitions and limited gallery sitting during the all-member exhibition.

  • Assistance in the general management of the gallery as a member of one of several committees.

If you think you'd like to join one of the most creative groups of artists in the tri-state area, please apply for membership by contacting Tony Seker



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